Dental Awareness for Kids

Kids and dental hiccups are more common. They tend to get affected by tooth decay and non-alignment. Adults need to educate them about proper dental hygiene. As parents and adults, we should always watch out for their diet. The food they eat constitutes to the tooth troubles. Kids should be advised to brush before going to the bed. Parenting plays a crucial role. During the initial days, kids tend to copy or follow the habits you perform in front of them. So it is essential for you to brush your teeth before advising them. This initiates the habit in them and eventually, their dental hygiene gets better day after day. It is a proven natural event that the first tooth pops out before the tiny-tots first birthday.Gradually children in the age category of 1-3 yrs undergo growth of Primary tooth. It is advisable to take your little one to a nearby dentist to know about the dental hygiene.

Dentists insist on the initiation of brushing and flossing. As it is an important process in a child’s life. It becomes a habit for the little one to carry out the taught dental procedures. Kids should be cultured about what they eat outside home. For school, the snacks and lunch packed should be preferably natural foods instead of processed or packaged beverages. Instead of providing them packaged beverages like juices or extracts, home-made lemonade or water could do the trick. Dentists always put forward different plans for different kids according to their dental requirements. A few kids have no sort of tooth problems. They’ll get along well with anything they consume. It is quite natural for some. But on the other hand, it’ll be a trauma for parents handling kids with a lot of dental procedures to be done. Till the child’s 1st year, brushing is not advisable. From somewhere around 1.5 to 2 gentle wiping or soft brushing is advised. Pediatricians’ advice parents to obtain a periodical review from their dentist of their kid’s dental status before going to school.

Cavities and decay form a challenging block and tackling them could be even more challenging. At this juncture your dentist comes to the rescue. The Indian Dental Association has its say that after 1 or atleast by 1.5 yrs, your child has to be examined of his/her tooth by a qualified dentist. This ensures that your child doesn’t get neglected of tooth decay or cavities.A few visits to the dentist could prove good to your child’s dental health. Let us discuss about the food for your child’s dental care. Milk comes first in any world tackling all dental problems followed by vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc., Junk foods, processed foods, sugary foods, cakess, etc should be swept aside. Soft brushing after every meal is a good habit to cultivate among your kids at an early age. Treating kids need a special armory. They are easy to take on but tough to handle. As a dentist, treating kids is an art.

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