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Technology has played a vital role in the world of people looking for innovative creation. Tooth is an important part of the human body. Color, form and structure of the teeth matters a lot amongst teens and youngsters. Some children suffer from irregular tooth pattern. Some suffer from tooth decay and removal due to accident. The gap left over by that teeth looks odd and some feel bad about the missing teeth if it is one near the incisor. My Dentist Inc has a plan for everyone looking to protect their teeth or expecting a tooth makeover. Dental implants were once seen to be a complicated and painful approach. The process has evolved a stupendous transformation today. Our expert dentists and technicians offer you a painless treatment. After Implant sittings constituting dental care alongside dental hygiene is well educated to people well in advance. Almost 5 out of 100 people suffer from tooth problems requiring Dental Implants according to a regional survey. My Dentist Inc is one of the best hospitals for Dentistry in Chennai. Searching Reasons? Let us take you through Dental Implants and its procedures in brief.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants are artificial tooth like structures specially made to suit the patient. Implants usually constitute of Titanium and sometimes bio compatible structures. This is harmless and does not hinder the adjoining natural teeth. In case multiple implants are required, then the corresponding teeth’s measurement is noted and accordingly an artificial setting is implanted. This process is completely painless. In a few days, the artificial implant gels with your jaw bone and it looks completely as a natural teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery

Usually the Dental Implant Surgery requires the patient to follow a few steps advised by the dentist. Before and after the Dental Implant procedure, the person doesn’t feel any sort of discomfort. The surgery involves the root of the old decayed/ broken teeth attached to a metal screw structure. The artificial structure is then screwed down to hold firmly with the artificial root. Dental Clinics in Chennai are gearing up to have state of the art imported dental equipments to offer international quality treatment.

After Surgery Diet

Immediately after a Dental Implant surgery, the person is advised to go ahead with liquid diet constituting of Water, Ice Cream and other types of juices. This diet is advised to offer a soothing effect on your jaws.


The dental implant process takes one or two hours and the recovery time ranges between 5 to 6 months. It requires a few visits to the dentist to ensure your new teeth is going good with the others and your body. After a couple of checks your dentist suggests necessary steps to be taken to maintain dental hygiene. Dental Hospitals in Chennai offer unique recovery procedures that differ from one person to another. This is due to the lifestyle habits and age of the person who had opted a dental implant.
Dental experts at My Dentist Inc offer extensive advice on tooth maintenance and care. Scientifically the growth of our tooth and the position of our jaws determine the inner problems our body goes through. Yes! Right from spinal cord to the toe end of your feet, your teeth and position of jaws predict the irregular postures you carry. Dentist in Chennai have migrated to advanced dental treatments. Today almost every dental clinic in Chennai abides by the regulations of International Dental Association. Find the best dentists in Chennai at My Dentist Inc

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