4 Simple Dental care habits to follow every day

Compared to our attention to preventing other health issues, the amount of care we take towards oral health is very negligible. We usually tend to forget about dental care until we encounter the most common dental problems like Sensitivity, Tooth loss, Tooth decay, Dental Plaque, Calculus.

Most of the dental problems are preventable. Adding these few simple steps to your daily routine can make a huge difference to your oral hygiene.

1. Gargle your mouth:

Gargling is literally flushing out food residues from the gaps between your teeth. This helps get rid of germs build-up in these crevices. It is highly recommended by physicians to their patients to clean children’s mouth after every meal throughout their day. Rock salt mixed in hot water and Gingely oil are two effective ways to kill germs by gargling.

2. Brush at night:

The reason behind brushing is misunderstood by most of us. When our mouth is actively chewing, eating and drinking throughout the day, it is really important to brush at the end of the day in order to free our mouth from the entire day’s food remains and germs. Instead, we only brush in the mornings, whereas the germs attack our teeth by night, as we rest our mouth without any activity. Hence, brushing effectively at night and refreshingly in the morning pays back with healthy teeth for rest of our life.

3. Do’s and Don’t while brushing:

Brushing must always be gentle, in upward and downward motions for not more than 2 minutes. Brushing beyond that is equal to demineralizing the enamel of your teeth. It is just a small area which does not require more than 2 minutes of cleaning.

4. Using Neem chew sticks:

It’s the best paste and the worst brush for your teeth. The ideal way to use a Neem stick is chewing and extracting the syrup from the neem stick and then using a brush to massage it over the teeth and not by using the stick directly on your teeth as a brush.

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